Insulation Monitor(Motor Vehicle Industry )

1. Use CMOS chips of motor vehicle level, quality reliable.
2. Use advanced microprocessor technology, intelligentized designed.
3. Dynamically monitor the system’s resistance value on line.
4. Diagnose and calibrate automatically.
5. Communication nozzle: CAN channel 500Kbps.
6. Small size & easy to assemble.
7. Communication channel can be customized by the user.

Hydrogen f...

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle component - the most advanced solution

         Volt Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. - As a technical expert in the field of electrical safety, is committed to the new energy system safety monitoring and control module product research and development, introduction, production, sales and service in one of the specialized high-tech companies.
        The company set up R & D center in Suzhou, China Nano polis. R & D team members are highly experienced in the field of electrical safety and new energy automotive sector composed of professors and post-doctoral senior team. Companies to continue to grow and develop their own scientific research strength, and the City University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Science and Technology, Jilin University and other research institutes in-depth cooperation, the use of research strengths universities and enterprises practice has accumulated valuable experience. Companies continue to introduce technology, production, quality, management and other aspects of talents, efforts to cast the core quality, enhance the company's overall competitiveness.
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The article from abroad famous designer team, professional quality and rich experience make their output design and...
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